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Acer One Aspire D270 SSD and Ram Upgrade

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John Smith : You make this look so easy. I struggled sooo hard when I ram and ssd upgraded mine about 3 or 4 years ago. I don't look forward to the day I have to replace the ssd...
infa7 mi : Can Upgrade ram 8gb?
Joaquin Hoyo : Is the ram ddr3
Melvin Thompson : Can you put 4Gigs of Ram in this machine?
John Alexis Galicia : Is 4gb ram compatible in aspire one 270
beldon gonsalves : I have the acer aspire one happy.
Can we replace the Intel atom processor to some faster Intel chip (which one)?
which AMD chip would this mother board support - if its possible?
Thanks in advance.
K Nakajima : Atom processor makes a waste of ssd, better keep the ugly hdd but put sweet linux on it
Amir Firdaus : What type ssd you used? And how much ram you used to?
Jose Gomez : Thanks bro!!
crazy driver : Can i do it 4gb of ram??

The Mini Acer Aspire D270-1998 RAM Upgrade to 4 Gigs

This Acer D270-1998 was purchased Nov. 2, 2012 at Best Buy for $300. but had only 1 Gig of RAM, so I installed a 4 Gigs of RAM in the one slot DDR3 priced at $30.. This install requires a little more patience then the laptop upgrade. It's is all in text so the hearing impaired can view and understand. This will be my computer for the service van.
Jackflag2 : hi man i have a AOD270-26Dkk.
Cani put 4 GB of ram in it ? (even if he will only read 3 GB)
Steve : If you answered this I'd be lucky, this video is super old. I have the AMD C-60 version with 2GB of RAM , everywhere I read I can't put more than 2GB. I know just based on the CPU architechture I can put at least 4GB, on the strength of x86_64. There is only one RAM slot , so I need to find a 4GB , did you have any experience with the m.2 SSD slot ?
Ilman Aulya : What kind of 4 gigs ram did you use?
PretentiousBrownie : I'm still hanging onto these because of the I/O versatility and the easily replaceable and serviceable components compared to modern budget netbooks/notebooks that use SoCs and AIO logic board with soldered RAM, storage, etc. I suppose the plan now is to toss 4 GB of RAM at this little guy, throw in an inexpensive SSD, and give it a fresh 64-bit Linux distribution or Windows 10 installation to take proper advantage of the N2600's dual-core design and the hyperthreading technology, and to address the additional RAM.
MrHo : Would this work with D270
Mindset Idea : Itukan bisa dilepas keyboard nya. Jadi tidak menggangu
Roy LaMontagne : Windows starter will only use 2gb by OS limit. Ok so upgrade OS. 32bit hardware limit will use 3gb only with new OS. BIOS may or may not recognize sticks higher than 2gb. This board will run 64bit. Most drivers available are 32bit but will run on 64bit OS. I did have it triple booting Kubuntu/Kali/Windows7starter at 4,4, and 2gb respectively and 64/64/32bit respectively. Then my MBoard went bad. The replacement won't even post with any stick higher than 2gb regardless of BIOS version. Currently running 2gb and installed only Windows 7 professional 64bit. Gave up on trying to get the rest to work.
merrywriter B : really annoying to have those big hands blocking what is being done.
Anonimo Anonimo : I followed the instructions and its works thanks.
Jean Beauregard : I'm trying the free upgrade of Windows 10 and I'll see in about 10 minutes if all the ram is reconized...

Acer Aspire ONE D270 разборка, чистка, апгрейд.

После съёмки видео, нашел таки похожее, но без комментариев. Оперативку поставил: Hynix HMT351S6BFR8C-PB 4Gb DDR3-1600 (800 МГц) Из 4Gb винда Win7x86 видит 3Gb.
Кирилл Черников : Подскажите, какого максимального размера SD карту можно туда поставить? Спасибо.
Ярик Сус : 3 гига не влият совсем
Emelman331 : вот статья на оверклокерс https://overclockers.ru/hardnews/show/43878/Atom_N2600_podderzhivaet_ne_bolee_2_Gb_pamyati
нетбук не поддерживает больше 2 гб памяти. Винда видит 3 может быть из-за того что гиг уходит на видюху, хотя это лишь предположение. Те не стоит вводить людей в заблуждение апгрейд озу здесь невозможен. Тк в стоке на нем 2гб и есть
больше друх гб озу не поддерживает именно проц https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/58916/intel-atom-processor-n2600-1m-cache-1-6-ghz.html?wapkw=intel%20atom%20n2600
Chiptuner Ukraine : Я делаю чистку сжатым воздухом, и никакого гемора. Тем более после того как пару раз разобрал ноут, имеем обязательно повреждения его.
Ваня Ванин : Красава помог?
Ruslan Zavadzich : Спасибо, благодаря вашему видео поменял шлейф матрицы. Раньше никогда таким не занимался.
Анатолий Жуков : Спасибо за видео,все получилось
CROCKID : Отличный видос! Всё понятно, без воды и лирики! Спасибо
jaison wolf : вообще то подобные видео надо начинать с технической информации , либо в описании в виде текса хотя бы - точное наименование модели, затем по порядку - названия жесткого диска, проца, памяти и т.д. А так видео практически ни о чем...




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