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Hostel: Part III (2011) | Mike's Torture Scene

Mike awakens in a cell and starts panicking. Two guards strap him to a chair in an empty room, with one wall made of glass, and Mike is on display to be gambled upon by wealthy clients. A man enters the room; Mike pleads with him, but the man peels Mike's face off.
Ultimate Thug Life With Channi : Omg
mrnewton86 : That prick at 6:32 is proper butthurt
Andrew Ventura : They curse allotted
CsehkisMate 2003 : The most shocking of the hostel movies
Emily Lowe : Red Rooms
Nathan Torres : 1:58 me: sees power tools "I think this will be enough YT for today"
Hazl G : I feel bad for the bodie
Jim Hults : I don't like killing people, that the bad no-no. Period.
Lord Jashin : of this scene maybe the Mexican cartels used it as a reference to torture their enemies and make snuff videos
Anthony Striker : Wow. What a face off.

Hostel: Part III (2011) | Scott vs. Carter

Scott is captured and eventually taken to the main event room. Carter reveals to Scott that he is a wealthy member of Elite Hunting and will kill Scott to get to Amy. Scott is released from his chair and a fight ensues between the two. Scott is able to escape by using Carter's tattoo.
HADED DEDAH : 3:56 it’s true ngl
Andi Saputro : Thomas Krestchmann is ridiculously good looking
Achraf Agermoune : I thought he was gonna tear up his face or ear when he got near him lmao
Achraf Agermoune : The hero kinda looks like cristiano Ronaldo lol
sumarni official : Yang udah nonton jangan lupa di subscribe ya ,
mrnewton86 : One of the satisfying parts is when the Ukrainian guy grabs the taser and rams it down that other guys throat and fries him.
And also seeing that dorky prick Travis having his arm severed and getting beaten senseless.
mrnaughtycat : Lol when it comes to pussy I’ve got no friends ok well that what killed him in the end he thought by killing his friends the women would forget her lover and be with him lol how wrong was he
Raymond Pritchard : I won't lie, I actually enjoyed the fight and cheered with the rest of them
Raymond Pritchard : Been looking for this for ages! Thank you!!
palacemaster : when it comes to pussy i have no line ever

hostel 3

arrow death scene from hostel 3
CsehkisMate 2003 : The most shocking of the hostel movies
Mala Sookharie : Wow look at this movie, it’s beyond brutal,gory ,thers no words to say abt these movies,but then they say tht The Passion of Christ was gruesome,Go figure
Mia Missinginaction : J’adore
Giorgio Medolago : 514❤
Asadullayef : Qadina qiza siddet veya tecauz eleyenleri bele cezalandirmax lazmdi
Raj Rajesh : Full movie plz
ANTİ NET : Türkler nerde aloooo
3aMopo3Ka Plus : WTF OMGGGGG
錬華 : ひぇ
Cem Dastan : Their bad guys goes to hell,forewer....




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